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1.     We pride ourselves on social media, please add us on Facebook at PCA USA, Instagram at PCA_USA, Pinterest  at PCA USA, You Tube at PCA USA and our Podcast, which is located on iTunes, Google Play and other affiliates under PCAUSA Podcast

2.     If you have a question about a particular show, please consider contacting the show promoter with event specific questions.

Q.        I have not received my membership card, can I still compete?

A.         Yes, we have the membership roster and in the event it does not arrive on time, we will check it the day of the show.

Q.        I’ve not received a confirmatory e-mail following my registration.
A.         In all instances it is the promoter who will confirm show registration. If you’ve not received confirmation within a day or two, please contact the individual show promoter direction.

Q.        Where & when is Tanning and/or Make-up?
A.         Each show may have slightly differing Tanning & Make-up organizations but are all contactable through the registration process on our website. If you are struggling to get a reply from these service providers then please contact the show promoter who will contact them as well.


Q.        Can I have post-show feedback from the judges?
A.         The only formal feedback that will be given will be at the end of that specific show by the judges who sat at the table. No feedback will be available in the days afterwards.

Q.        Can I have my placing as it wasn’t announced at the show?
A.         No. We have a policy of only giving placings as to what was announced on-stage.

Q.        Where can I find post-show images?
A.         All shows have a designated photographer and/or videographer. These service providers will be identified to you at the show. They will pass on their contact details to you but primarily all interaction should be through our social media streams.

Q.        How do I get selected for International Events?
A.         To be selected to represent Team PCA USA overseas you will typically be a high standard Athlete with a proven pedigree & recent high placings at our domestic shows.

Q.        Can I compete internationally without being on Team PCA USA?
A.         Please reach out to PCA USA execs prior to the show as each as they’ll contact the specific show promoter to see if the show is open to international competitors.

Q.        I’m not sure which class to compete in.
A.         Take a look on-line where we have footage of images and videos of other shows. We can guide & suggest what we feel is best, however the responsibility to register & follow the criteria lies with the athlete alone.

Q.        I’ve registered in the wrong class, what can I do?
A.         As long as you’re registered for that specific show then you do not have to worry. We can move you within classes at the registration desk on the day of the show. The athlete still carries the responsibility to have correct stage-wear, music, routines & know the compulsory poses required for that class.

Q.        Can I get a Membership Refund?
A.         No, Membership purchases cannot be refunded


Q.        Can I get a refund for a show?
A.         Generally speaking, no. Each show takes a lot of planning and resources based on athlete entries.

Q.        Can I register on the day?
A.         No. You must pre-register on-line at

Q.        Can I take someone backstage with me?
A.         Some shows may allow it, however it is based on the availability of room of each venue and the decision of the promoter to allow it. Security, athlete comfort and overcrowding are taken into consideration.

Q.        I have someone coming to watch me, but isn’t interested in the rest of the show. Do they still have to buy a full ticket?
A.         Yes.

Q.        Can I buy a ticket at the door?
A.         We will never give a guarantee of ticket availability, our suggestion is that you ALWAYS buy in advance from the designated avenues.

Q.        Where can I park, what are the nearest hotels and where can I go for food?
A.         These requests (and similar) should normally be directed to the show promoter who ideally has already given this information in confirmatory emails to competitors.


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