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PCA Class Criteria Rules

Register to Compete

in a PCA USA Event


!. All athletes, with no exception, MUST BE a member of the PCA & pay the show registration fee before any participation on stage.


2. It is the competing athletes’ responsibility to make themselves aware of all relevant competition rules & adhere to them.


3. Variations to classes, omissions to classes & additional classes are at the discretion of the promoter but must be approved by the head judge.


4. The promoters may restrict the number of cross-overs allowed per show. Please contact the specific show promoter for more information..


5. Any age relative class will require the athlete to produce ID at registration.

6.  The minimum age to compete in any PCA event is 16 years old, with parental/guardian approval.


7. All qualifying shows will operate as a run-through event. Athletes will go on stage, participate & then receive placings, trophies, invitations, etc.


8. No background music shall include swear words, blasphemy or promote violence or racial hatred. In any instances of this happening the music will be stopped.


9. The head judge has in exceptional cases the authority to remove or to not allow an athlete to step on stage if it is felt that the athlete has not reached a basic minimum standard required for a competitive athlete.


PCA USA criteria is available to download:

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