PCA USA Updated 2019 Competitive Classes

What's New for 2019 Competitive PCA USA Season

PCA USA Updates Class Options and Criteria to Match PCA International

In our inaugural year, PCA rolled out its first competitions on USA ground. To help alleviate confusion as we introduced our international association to athletes, we mostly maintained classes athletes would already be used to in the United States and introduced only a few new classes, Muscle Model, Trained Bikini, and Classic Bodybuilding.

But, the truth is that PCA is instrumental in offering something different to our athletes, thanks to its origins in England. So for the 2019 competitive season, we will be switching over to the PCA International Class Divisions and Criteria, along with a few other updates that can be made as we grow our presence with shows across the country. These new developments will brings more opportunities and a straightforward playing field for the athletes.

PCA USA Finals

Throughout the year, athletes will be handpicked from shows and invited to compete in the PCA USA Finals in Florida. This show will be the best representatives of each class from throughout the USA. Winners will have a shot at prize money, invitations to the PCA World Championships, becoming a part of Team PCA USA, and Pro Status.

Pro Status

At the PCA USA Finals, Pro Status will be awarded to the Overall Men's and Overall Women's winner. At the PCA World Championships, every class winner will gain pro status. The only way for a PCA USA athlete to compete in the PCA World Championships is to be invited at a qualifying show, such as our PCA USA Finals.

Benefits of the New Competitive Class System

There are more class options and varying class criteria when competing abroad with PCA International. If we maintained the previous classes, there would not always be an identical class to compete at the PCA World Championships. It benefits our athletes to mirror all classes that PCA International offers.

This also means more options for competitors, as we add Toned Figure, Athletic Figure and Trained Figure as options for the women. Toned Figure is the same as the American established Figure. Trained Figure is the closest counterpart to Women's Physique. In 2018, we had already introduced Trained Bikini. The well-recognized Bikini is now called Toned Bikini.

Women's Competition Key | Figure

PCA Toned figure = Figure PCA Athletic figure = More conditioning and muscle development than Toned Figure PCA Trained figure = Highest level of definition and muscularity, which is comparable to women’s physique in the US.

For men, we already introduced the new Muscle Model class in 2018, which is extremely popular abroad and gaining traction in the USA. The biggest change is that Men's Bodybuilding will be broken down by height, not weight, and are identified as Mr. Class 1, Mr. Class 2, Mr. Class 3 and Mr. Class 4. It has been proven at an international level that a similar height and structure make for more objective comparisons when comparing physiques.

Mr. Class 4 | 5' 6” and under Mr. Class 3 | 5' 6”.1- 5ft 8” Mr. Class 2 | 5' 8.1” - 5ft 10” Mr. Class 1 | 5' 10” and over

New Posing Apparel Requirements

Finally, there were some tweaks to the posing apparel for the men. Classic bodybuilding in the PCA requires posing trunks, not the knee length black shorts used in other federations in the classic class. For judging, we need to see glute, quad and hamstring development. And for Muscle Model, we require Muscle Model posing trunks, which are similar to European style bathing suits.

If you need assistance in locating a vendor or supplier for your posing suit, please contact PCA USA Execs or your show promoter.

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