PCA USA Podcast: Episode 34 | Kevin Taylor Interviews PCA USA Exec Ian Harrison About the 2019 Compe

PCA USA Podcast Episode 34

During episode 34, PCA USA Execs Ian Harrison and Kevin Taylor discuss the 2019 competitive season, upcoming bodybuilding and physique shows, and a new understanding of class titles and the corresponding criteria.

To start off with, the first show for 2019 will be in Marion, Illinois on March 17. This will be the Midwest Championships. Our second announced show is the Southeast Open on June 15 in Cullman, Alabama. There will be other shows between the two, and of course throughout the year.

Upcoming 2019 PCA USA Shows

Our shows will be listed on the PCA USA Facebook Events Page, upcoming ones will be listed on our home page, and of course on our events page. Registrations is not officially open for the Southeast Open or Midwest Championships just yet, as we put some finishing touches on the forms.

To help athletes prepare, PCA USA is organizing FREE Posing Seminars near the shows. Interested athletes will want to register for the posing seminars. Since we offer different classes, we want to ensure we have the right coaches on hand to help you perfect your posing technique. PCA USA Exec Ian Harrison is planning on overseeing and being on hand for all posing seminars.

Carbondale, Illinois Posing Seminar on February 2, 2019

Hartselle, Alabama Posing Seminar on March 9, 2019

Ian and Kevin went over some changes that PCA USA Athletes will see in 2019. PCA USA just entered the USA in 2018. To make it easier for athletes who were used to other associations, we had bodybuilding classes by weight, a figure class for women, as well as a women's physique class. But in 2019, we are matching PCA International.

Women's classes will be toned bikini and trained bikini, which the USA did see last year. But instead of one figure class and one physique class, women will now have toned figure, athletic figure and trained figure.

Visually, the softest look will be toned bikini, followed by trained bikini. Toned figure is the next step up from trained bikini, then athletic figure, finally trained figure. Trained figure correlates with women's physique in the states.

We highly suggests reviewing the criteria on our website: Athlete Criteria Page

For men, Men's Physique already experienced some of the international changes last year with more stage time and posing. We also added Muscle Model in our Florida Classic 2018 show, which will continue in all shows for 2019. It is a bigger version of Classic Bodybuilding and Men's Physique. Posing trunks are a different style. Ian simply says, it's visually appealing men with great physiques, who are not too shredded and not too big.

Classic bodybuilders should review the athlete criteria on our page, but for posing they need to wear traditional posing trunks - not long, board shorts. Judges want to see the entire physique, including quads, glutes, and hamstrings. Classic bodybuilding is about lines and the long shorts detract from it.

Another big change, especially for our USA Exec Kevin Taylor, was referring to our Bodybuilding Classes as Mr. Classes. USA is used to weight classes. With weight, you get a lot of guys who are different heights and different structures. You can have a 6' man with a man who is 5' 8", which is a disadvantage for the taller competitor.

By height, you have Mr. Classes 1 through 4.

  • Mr. Class 4 is the shortest class, 5' 6" or under

  • Mr. Class 3 is over 5'6" to 5' 8"

  • Mr. Class 2 is over 5'8" to 5'10"

  • Mr. Class 1 is over 5'10"

Now athletes will have similar structures, so the analogy is comparing a car to a car, rather than a car to a truck or SUV.

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PCA USA has a lot of goals for 2019. One big one is building our Junior Class. Internationally, the Junior Class is huge! We believe the younger athletes are the future of bodybuilding. We want the younger athletes to experience the PCA difference, as the Junior class is very close to Ian Harrison's heart.

PCA World Championships is coming like a freight train. As our PCA USA athletes walk onto the stage, they will experience a high level of competition. Ian says it will be a lot of fun and a proud moment for the association. The members, athletes and supporters of PCA USA are just amazing.

Are you as excited about the 2019 season as we are? Then stream PCA USA Podcast Episode 34. You can conveniently stream the podcast from your Podcast App, just search PCA USA. Alternatively, you can listen right now by clicking the play button below or following our Podcast Link: PCA USA Podcast Episode 34


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