#FiveMinuteFriday with Javier Baca - 1 Month from Duke City Classic

5 Minute Friday Graphic

What would you be doing one month out from contest? Well, if you follow Javier's lead, you will be home prepping your meals! We found that out when we took the time to meet up again with Javier Baca to check in on his progress for the Duke City Classic.

His diet has been tweaked again, cutting out about 500 calories from his daily meals. He does feel like he has passed some of the biggest hurdles, physically and mentally.

He has been rolling out his legs, to eliminate imperfections and lactic acid build-up. This assists in recovery between leg exercises.

We are currently not sharing pictures from his prep, because at this point your biggest competition is you! Plus, we need some surprises for the stage.

Workouts have changed, with Javier doing compound workouts, as well as cardio once to twice a day.

Javier's support team includes Michelle for posing and Iris Romero/Team Paradigm for prep.

His humor is still high. That is excellent, because this is meant to be a positive and exciting experience. His advice for other competitors is to surround yourself with people with like-minded goals. PCA USA is part of that supportive family!

Compare your notes with this five minute call! Stream it below.

Join Javier Baca on stage to compete at the Duke City Classic in New Mexico.

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