PCA USA Podcast: Episode 25 | Kevin Taylor Interviews Aaron Powell of Muscle Potential

Muscle Potential Posing Suits

Our guest for PCA USA Podcast #25 is Aaron Powell of Muscle Potential. Muscle Potential creates custom men's posing suits for bodybuilding and physique. We are hoping to see men's muscle model suits in the future, as well!

Muscle Potential has been in the industry for seven years, providing an alternative to off the rack posing suits. The company was started by a competitor who realized that those one-size fits all suits just weren't going to cut it.

The competitive physique industry is highly open to filling the need for custom posing suits for women, but many male athletes didn't realize they had that same option. Muscle Potential works with athletes to design men's posting suits that enhance the competitor's unique measurements and build. If you have a shredded, tight physique, don't let an ill fitting suit distract from it.

"I've seen some great physiques, but then it looks like they are wearing diapers on stage."

Aaron suggests ordering your custom men's posing suit five to six weeks out from the competition. Depending on the suit and design, the competitor will take their measurements and plug it into the website. A Muscle Potential representative will contact the competitor for a consult.

Bodybuilders are not one-size fits all guys. They cannot typically walk into a store and find something that easily fits. This holds true for posing suits, as well. And there is a lot of thought that goes into a competitor's custom posing suit, such as side strap width, front panel, rear panel, and gathered backs are all considered.

The customer experience is not over once they ship out the suit. Muscle Potential wants feedback and pictures. They want to see how the suit fits and moves with the competitor. This is how their product continuously evolves and improves, giving each customer the best suit for stage.

My take-aways from today's podcast:

1. A custom men's posing suit offers a better fit for specific measurements and individual physique on stage

2. Men should order their custom posing suit 5 to 6 weeks out

3. Bodybuilders are not one-size fits all guys. Take the time for a custom posing suit.

If you need a men's posing suit, follow Musle Potential on their social media:

Instagram | Muscle Potential

Facebook | Muscle Potential

YouTube | Muscle Potential

Take the time to listen to the complete podcast for all the tips. You can conveniently stream the podcast from your Podcast App, just search PCA USA. Alternatively, you can listen right now by clicking the play button below or following our Podcast Link: PCA USA Podcast Episode 25


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