#FiveMinuteFriday with Javier Baca - 5 Weeks to Go

FiveMinuteFriday Javier Baca

We meet up again with Javier Baca to check in on his progress for the Duke City Classic.

He is now depleting for the contest, and he is feeling the difference physically. He is doing cardio twice a day, a shorter and longer session.

At five weeks out, he officially registered for the contest. That is not too unusual, a lot of competitors wait to register. Remember, though, to ensure a smooth, efficient show that PCA USA shuts down registrations three days prior to the show date.

Another awesome turn of events is that Javier is considering to register to compete in the Florida Classic. We would love to see you on the Lakeland stage, Javier! Both the Duke City Classic and Florida Classic are Pro Am events. Plus, we will have our eye on powerful competitors when it comes to building our international team.

Compare your notes with Javier. Know you aren't alone when it comes to missing pizza and beer or not looking forward to cardio.

Our Five Minute Friday is part of PCA USA's continued focus on the athlete experience. We are happy to be there for all of our athletes as they prep, to support and motivate them along the way.

Join Javier Baca on stage to compete at the Duke City Classic in New Mexico.

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