PCA USA Podcast: Episode 21 | Kevin Taylor Interviews Iris Romero of Iris Romero Fitness & Team

Podcast 21 with Iris Romero

In podcast episode 21, host Kevin Taylor interviews Ace Certified Trainer Iris Romero of Iris Romero Fitness. She is the coach of the competitive Team Paradigm, the non-profit founder and executive director of S.H.E., a figure competitor, and a mentor to young women.

Under Iris Romero Fitness, she offers competitive training and training for those who just want to live a healthier lifestyle. She wants interested people to know that she is approachable and is open to all levels of clientele. Iris Romero is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but she does offer online coaching.

Iris shares PCA's vision that we come together to support athletes as a team, so we can allow competitive bodybuilding to improve and evolve. That's why she created Team Paradigm, "I am trying to build it that it's more of a team sport, rather than an individual sport."

"I love the fact that PCA New Mexico is not a clique. The love and support and the camaraderie of so many organizations that come together to create this new one in New Mexico has been phenomenal. That's why I am so passionate and stand strong in helping this organization grow here."

Iris can help build the physique for all classes, bikini to bodybuilding. For posing, she coaches figure, but has great referrals for coaches in other classes.

Why listen to this podcast?

1. How to trust the process of prepping for competition

2. Learn more about S.H.E. and empowering women by helping them regain control over their lives through personal development, initiatives, and fundraising

3. It's never too late to compete, Iris competed in her first show at 40

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Conveniently stream the podcast from your Podcast App, just search PCA USA. Alternatively, you can listen right now by clicking the play button below or following our Podcast Link: PCA USA Podcast Episode 21

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