PCA USA Podcast: Episode Nineteen | Kevin Taylor Interviews Elias Feliciano of Compulsive Disorder F

Elias Feliciano Compulsive Disorder Fitness

In podcast episode 19, host Kevin Taylor interviews Elias Feliciano of Compulsive Disorder Fitness to discuss the upcoming PCA USA Florida Classic on August 25th, as well as his personal training and coaching support.

Compulsive Disorder Fitness is affiliated with Fitness for $10 - Brandon in Florida. They are looking to expand in the Tampa Bay market, which is a bonus for those who like hard core gyms. There is also a more recreational fitness area, as well. Fitness for $10 caters to everyone, but it's known in the area for serious lifters.

Memberships range from $10 to $39. We like the $39 plan, which has the most perks, such as 24 hour access to the gym, group trainings, tanning, and these VIP members can bring guests during normal hours.

For personal training, Compulsive Disorder Fitness has around 8 trainers supporting 50 clients who are looking for traditional personal training. They also support 25 athletes who compete in events. Elias goes all out, with team meetings, meals, nutritional protocols, and support. He is currently training athletes for the upcoming Florida Classic in a variety of divisions. Look for his athletes in:

  • Bikini

  • Trained Bikini

  • Figure

  • Physique - Women

  • Physique - Men

  • Classic Bodybuilding

  • Bodybuilding

Elias walks the talk. The past three years he has competed yearly in the Tampa Pro and the Florida States, NPC leagues.

Why listen to this podcast?

1. Not all coaches or personal trainers are created equally. Elias is in the Brandon market, but the way he supports his athletes is a great example of what you should be looking for in a trainer.

2. For contest prep TIME is invaluable!

3. Tips for beginners

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Conveniently stream the podcast from your Podcast App, just search PCA USA. Alternatively, you can listen right now by clicking the play button below or following our Podcast Link: PCA USA Podcast Episode 19

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