PCA USA Brings Big Changes to Competitive Bodybuilding and Physique Events in Florida on August 25th

PCA USA kicks off their premier bodybuilding and physique event in Lakeland, Florida on August 25, 2018. Top competitors will receive invitations to compete in the Pro Am and be a part of the international PCA USA team.

Riverview, Florida: June 5, 2018. For immediate release

Florida Classic Poster

The bodybuilding and fitness community took notice when the Physical Culture Association (PCA), a leading International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation based in the United Kingdom, announced their expansion into the United States late 2017. Now seven months later, local and international athletes are prepping for the upcoming Florida Classic. This will be PCA USA’s first Florida event to be held in Lakeland on August 25, 2018.

PCA is well-known for providing athletes with an improved and exceptional competitive experience. As part of PCA USA’s athlete-centric approach, competitors are supported throughout their training, have additional divisions to choose from when competing, and once on stage will be assessed using clearly defined criteria for body condition, posing, and attire by a trained and fair judging panel.

The Florida Classic is organized by PCA USA executives Ian Harrison and Kevin Taylor. Ian Harrison was a former professional bodybuilder, wrestler and held the title of Mr. Universe. Kevin Taylor is a financial executive and a former bodybuilding competitor, bringing over a decade of focused leadership in process improvements, operational excellence and member satisfaction to PCA USA.

“Athletes make the show,” said PCA USA executive Ian Harrison. “Our goal is to ensure our members, athletes, competitors and spectators have a memorable and positive experience throughout every PCA USA interaction and event. American bodybuilding has not seen anything like this before.”

“The world of bodybuilding and athlete training has grown tremendously over the years, and PCA is evolving with it,” said executive Kevin Taylor. “Moving forward, competitors can expect cutting-edge advancements that will take the athlete experience to a whole new level.”

One big development is the through-show process, which was brought over from the Official PCA in the United Kingdom. During a through-show, competitors will no longer be required to attend the exhausted process of morning judging and an evening show, which involves undue hardships on athletes as they attempt to prep for peak muscle condition twice in one day.

In addition, the morning judging and night show custom incurs extra expenses for competitors and their guests. With PCA’s through-show, athletes prep once, show off their best physique in group and single routines, and are awarded placements before walking off stage.

During the Florida event, amateurs who win their class will be given an invitation to compete in a Pro Am at the end of the show. Existing pros from all bodybuilding federations can register to compete in the PCA Pro Am Categories. Plus, PCA USA will be looking for athletes to form their international competitive team.

Men’s events include classic, lightweight, middleweight and heavy weight body building, masters, juniors, and disAbled bodybuilding, and physique.

Women’s events include bikini, figure, trained bikini, physique, masters, and disAbled bodybuilding.

Interested athletes can register at www.officialpcausa.com/pca-florida-classic.

Media Contact: Erin Taylor, Director of Communications PCA USA 10713 Dixon Dr.

Riverview, FL 33579

727.204.0023 | etaylor@officialpcausa.com | www.officialpcausa.com/press-media

PCA Execs Ian Harrison and Kevin Taylor are available for interviews.

Media passes are available upon request. Contact for more information.

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