PCA USA Podcast: Episode Eighteen | Kevin Taylor and Ian Harrison Interview PCA USA Arizona Promoter

Flex City Championship Podcast

In podcast episode 18, PCA USA exec Ian Harrison and PCA USA Arizona Promoter Josh Barnett join host Kevin Taylor to discuss the upcoming PCA USA Show, Flex City Championships, on June 30, along with the Power League, Transformational Challenge and Post Show Event.

Josh is extremely excited about introducing the through show. With the through show, competitors will be judged on stage and find out who placed immediately after judging. Athletes peak once, don't have to come back for a night show, and it eliminates issues with judging and discrepancies that occur between pre-judging and night show.

Josh is going all out. The same day as the PCA USA show, he will also be hosting:

Power League: This is a military branch competition battling through squats, deadlifts, and bench.

Transformational Challenge: Awards being presented by Possible Pat

Post Show Concert Event: Four local opening acts and Yella Beezy.

Why Listen to This Podcast:

1. Learn more about the Through Show process, straight from Josh Barnett

2. Discover who will be judging and guest posers

3. What to expect from PCA USA at a national level

Follow Josh Barnett at his MetroFlex Gym Facebook Page.

Conveniently stream the podcast from your Podcast App, just search PCA USA. Alternatively, you can listen right now by clicking the play button below or following our Podcast Link: PCA USA Podcast Episode 18

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