PCA USA Podcast: Episode Sixteen | The Athlete Experience for Upcoming Shows & TEAM USA

PCA USA Execs Ian Harrison and Kevin Taylor

We always love to hear PCA USA Exec Ian Harrison give athlete and show updates. So he is back on the podcast to talk about Kevin and Ian's experience with the Saxon Classic and how it is influencing our USA shows.

Plus, are you ready for a Team PCA USA update? Get your passports ready!

Why listen to this Podcast?

1. You have to hear how Kevin invited himself into people's homes and snoop around England as he was "sight-seeing".

"Sightseeing? You actually introduced yourself into people's houses in Litchfield," exclaims Ian. "So I wouldn't say it was normal sightseeing. I've never seen anything like that before in my life!"

2. The Through-Show Experience - forget about prejudging and a night show. Now judges look at the athletes, pull out their favorites to judge, and then all athletes get 60 seconds posing to show off their physique and hard work. By the time the posing is done, they have calculated their scores. If the scores are close, the posing routine is the deciding factor on the winner. Posing is important! This Through-Show Experience is efficient and keeps the show moving seamlessly.

3. Athlete Experience - Everyone works so hard for this! All athletes will get 60 seconds of pose downs, along with their mandatory posing requirements. Gone are just 2 minutes of stage time. Plus, with the Through-Show they only have to peak once. Before you walk off stage, the top competitors will have medals, trophies, and can go off and watch the rest of the show or enjoy their celebratory meal!

4. Kid - Friendly - Children 12 and under are free. We want the children to see and applaud their parents on stage! (Speaking as a former competitor who put a lot of money in make-up, heels, bikini, tan, etc. It just became too expensive to pay for my two sons to come watch me. So we made sure children can be included free.)

5. Backstage - communication is key! We will stick to the pre-planned order of when athletes will be on stage and provide updates on when to pump or do final prep.

6. TEAM USA UPDATE - The winner of each class in the NM and FL show will be able invited to compete in the Pro Am shows. Once we have the overall winners from the final ProAm show, PCA USA will be deciding who will represent team USA. They will be invited to compete in the UK for the 2018 PCA Worlds in October.

Now this is just a recap. Be SURE to listen to the podcast to catch every word, laugh, and innuendo.

Conveniently stream the podcast from your Podcast App, just search PCA USA. Alternatively, you can listen right now by clicking the play button below or following our podcast link: PCA USA Podcast Episode 16.

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