PCA USA Podcast: Episode Ten | An Interview with No Freakin' Excuses

No Freakin Excuses Podcast

Today's podcast guest is Taylor Jordan from No Freakin' Excuses Supplement Company.

Throughout our podcasts with competitors, athletes and trainers we discuss that it takes dedication, a personalized workout routine, and a good diet to be contest ready. No Freakin' Excuses (NFE) can help you with the nutrition in the form of their supplements.

They designed their supplements to be clean and 100% natural. NFE wants to give you what your body needs and removes the additives that your body does not need.

My personal three take-aways from this podcast:

1. Don't settle just for what's out there. This sport needs innovators to improve the experience, from nutrition to the competitive experience.

2. SCIENCE! Taylor will lay the science of protein on you - what works, what doesn't, best time to take it, fillers, and more. Be the smartest athlete at the gym (when it comes to protein intake) after listening to the podcast.

3. Supplement knowledge: How do fat burners, pre-workouts, and different vitamins and minerals work?

NFE can be followed at:

Conveniently stream the podcast from your Podcast App, just search PCA USA. Alternatively, you can listen right now by clicking the play button below or following our podcast link: PCA USA Podcast Episode 10 with No Freakin' Excuses.

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