PCA USA Podcast: Episode Eight | An Interview with Tampa, FL Competitor Chad Peace

PCA USA Podcast Chad Peace

On today's show we discussed training and competing with Chad Peace, a Florida bodybuilding athlete. Topics covered with Chad - previous show history and what he would change, upcoming shows, and what makes a good coach.

Kevin Taylor interviews Florida Competitor Chad Peace during PCA USA Podcast: Episode Eight. Chad has played football, baseball, basketball and golf. Now his sport of choice is bodybuilding.

He has personal experience competing in men's physique, but he has his eye on Classic Bodybuilding for the PCA USA Lakeland Contest this August. Mind you, this competitor is 6' 6" and with the weeks of serious prep he has ahead of him, with the support of Southern Muscle Tampa, we can only imagine his potential on stage.

Send Chad a request to follow his progress:

Chad on Instagram

Chad on Facebook

Sign up to compete in PCA USA Florida Classic with Chad: Link to Entry Registration

My personal three take-aways from this podcast:

1. Muscle doesn't count reps

2. Conditioning does not just happen in the gym, diet and sleep play an important part

3. The dangers of being "hangry"

Conveniently stream the podcast from your Podcast App, just search PCA USA. Alternatively, you can listen right now by clicking the play button below or following our podcast link: PCA USA Podcast Episode 8 with competitor Chad Peace.

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