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What does it take to succeed in your athletic fitness journey? The right diet, a killer workout, and, to get a bit sentimental, support from friends, family and your fitness community.

You want to make sure that you are surrounded by people that support your endeavors, because competing does take more than just a few workouts a week, it's a lifestyle.

For example, I recently saw a Facebook post from Kevin Schwartz, President of PCA South Africa, telling his partner how much he appreciated her, even through the dark days of dieting. A lot of competitors can relate to that.

This also brings me back a decade ago, when my younger brother helped me apply my self-tanner and oil, to make sure I was stage ready for my own competition. He'll never live that down.

But support doesn't just come from your local, immediate community. Competitors can also find guidance and accolades online, from other athletes who are living a similar lifestlye, sneaking in extreme strength training sessions at 5am, cardio after kids go to sleep, prepping meals over the weekends, and assaulting coworkers and family with the smell of reheated egg whites.

We encourage all of our PCA USA members to follow us on Instagram @pca_usa, one of our favorite social media channels for discovering what our athletes are up to. We want to see and share your progress, your successes, and your fitness tips. Tag your pictures with these two hashtags so we can find your posts easier:

#pcausa #pcausaprep

Also, as we get closer to our inaugural August 25, 2018 Event in Lakeland, Florida, we will be hosting contests with our Instagram followers, so keep prepping and sharing!

We look forward to seeing you online and onstage at a future PCA USA event!

#Instagram #Fitfam #KevinTaylor

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