Bodybuilding Athletes Have a Choice: A Message from PCA USA Executive, Ian Harrison

As 2018 approaches, we are about to embark on an epic journey in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. Our sport has drastically changed these last few years. I witnessed politics first hand with bodybuilders and other competitors. Athletes had limited access to competitive events and were forced to put up with it and keep quiet. The alternative was not keep quiet and be banned from competing in the sport.

Yet things are changing, in the U.S. athletes can no longer be suspended for competing in other amateur federation shows. The sport of Bodybuilding is now prevalent in countries which in the past was unheard of. Which shows the growth of the sport Internationally.

We were also seeing progress internationally with the two-year old Physical Culture Association (PCA), a bodybuilding and fitness organization that puts athletes first. As a former professional bodybuilder, competing around the world and in a much different era, I can certainly see the appeal and benefit of the PCA for all competitors. You deserve to be treated fairly and with respect.

With that in mind, we have decided that now is the time to join PCA founder Ryan Alexander, PCA executive committee member Warren Dyson and the rest of the PCA family in bringing this improved bodybuilding and fitness association to the USA.

Now athletes have a choice.

Our inaugural PCA USA show will be August 25, 2018 at the Youkey Theater (RP Funding building) in Lakeland, Florida. Competitors will experience fair judging based on clearly established criteria, comprehensive communication to ensure you are prepared for the stage and, most excitingly, an opportunity to compete internationally in both amateur and professional divisions.

We look forward to seeing you on stage! And always feel free to reach out to us via e-mail or any of our social media channels.

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