The PCA USA Executive Team

Dedicated to continuously enhancing the bodybuilding and fitness competitor experience.

The executive team has a comprehensive bodybuilding and fitness background, extensive business acumen, and a deep passion for the sport. Under their strategic direction, PCA USA and the fitness industry as a whole will experience boundless growth, success and innovation.

Our goal is to ensure our members, athletes, competitors and spectators have a memorable and positive experience throughout every PCA USA interaction and event.

Ian Harrison, PCA USA President

Ian guides the organization's overall strategy and daily operations. With a vision for improving the broader bodybuilding and fitness industry, Ian will lead the PCA USA's expansion across the United States, providing athletes with maximal access to fitness resources and competitive opportunities.

Prior to the PCA USA, Ian "British Storm" Harrison was a former professional bodybuilder, wrestler and held the title of Mr. Universe. He currently offers online training and nutrition on Ian Harrison Online Training.

Contact Ian:

M: 941-894-4120

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Jesse Calvert, PCA USA Vice President

Jesse assists with the strategic and daily operations. With over a decade of experience in leadership and human resource management, Jesse brings unique perspective to the organization. He shares the vision for PCA and is passionate about creating a new and improved competitive experience for athletes.


In addition to his duties with PCA USA, Jesse is a police officer and served over 12 years active duty in the Army. Jesse began his fitness journey after being injured in Iraq. Since, he has become an athlete, trainer, and competition prep coach. He is known by his clients as “The Motivator” for his positive and uplifting leadership. Jesse first had the opportunity to be involved with the PCA in the UK as a competitor and coach. He now proudly works with PCA USA paving the way for a new era in bodybuilding.

Contact Jesse:

M: 256-606-9232


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