Flex City Championships

Monarch Theatre

122 E. Washington Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004

You are registering for the Flex City Championships on June 30th, 2018 in Phoenix AZ. 

Please Note:

All competitors must have a current PCA/PCA USA membership. Please be sure to register as a PCA USA member prior to entering as competitor. International PCA members that are "Current" are not required to have a PCA USA membership.

* A maximum of two crossovers is allowed.

*Please note there's a limit of two crossovers per show

Event Time:

9:00am   - Athlete Registration: 11:30am - Athlete Meeting:

12:00pm - Show Starts

If your membership will be current for any PCA International Group at the time of the contest, PCA USA Membership is not required.
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PCA USA uses PayPal merchant services, which accepts all major credit cards.


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