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The New Standard for Bodybuilding & Physique Events

The PCA (Physical Culture Association) was formed in 2015 to bring bodybuilding and fitness athletes an improved competitor experience, rewarding them for their hard work and commitment in developing their physiques to peak conditions. Since then, the PCA has expanded internationally to over 20 countries, quickly becoming the new standard for all bodybuilding, physique and fitness events. 


PCA USA brings this improved and exceptional competitive experience to the United States of America. All bodybuilding and fitness competitors are welcome to join the PCA USA and register to compete in scheduled events. These events are designed to provide both competitors and spectators with an unprecedented showcase that promotes the athletes for their intense focus and dedication to competing in this impressive sport. 

The Four Fundamental PCA Principles: 

  • Integrity & Values: honesty, openness, ethics, and fairness

  • Diversity: different ideas, strengths, and interests are paramount with healthy debate encouraged

  • Dynamics & Innovation: modernize fitness and bodybuilding, adapt events to adhere to the constant flow of evolving technology, continuously improve the quality, look and image of the association

  • Passion: lies at the heart of the association

Competitors are assessed based on clearly defined criteria for body condition, posing, and attire by a trained and fair judging panel during our Through Shows.


Spectators are encouraged to attend to support their families, friends, and favorites, as they compete in bodybuilding, physique, classic bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and master's and novice divisions.


Plus, enjoy the excitement of special guests and the opportunity to view and purchase fitness related products from premium exhibitors.


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