Muscle Model

  • OPEN​

    • In larger groups the classes may be split into Tall & Short Classes. 
      Short Class:   Up to & including 68" (5 feet 8 inches)
      Tall Class:      Over 68.1"


Judging Criteria


The Muscle Model Class will be judged on the Athlete having a Muscular appearance & displaying a fuller deep chested presentation than that of the smaller Men’s Physique Class. The Athlete should be marked on Muscularity, Symmetry, Balance & Proportions, Conditioning & Presentation.

Stage presence, etiquette & tanning will form the foundations of all judging decisions. Every aspect of the Athlete’s performance will be judged including skin tone & condition, hair & facial features.

Athletes should be free of body hair. No body jewelry is allowed.


The Muscle Model Class will be executed in exactly the same way as The Men’s Physique Classes with the following differences:


Compulsory Poses vary in that there are two additions;


Abdominals & Thigh

Most Muscular Pose (One or Both hands on thighs- no Trap Over Pose)


 For clarity, Muscle Model is a larger more muscular version of Men’s Physique Class & hence the only

difference in performance is the showing of the two extra compulsory poses. 


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